Friday, May 21, 2010

Once More Into The Abyss!

So I was going to upgrade my PC, and eventually get a new laptop,... but...rather than do both I figured i'd save time and money and just get a killer laptop, future-proof what I need, and will need, and make it so I can just connect it to any TV or Monitor in the house. So here it is with a lil cash back help from our Scion Dealership :)

Quite the visually descriptive photo eh?

And for a few of you, yes I know it's not an ASUS, or insert brand here, but I did some homework and its ridiculously comparable(and has a better screen). And the ASUS i was looking at is sold out....AREA WIDE, I had them check the entire warehouse and area over their shoulder, no dice!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sneak Attack!

Third of Three Prints for Pittsburgh Comic Con: This one pits Lil Wolvie using his heightened senses to smell something that just isn't right, although i'm sure whatever it is will hit him soon enough ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

TMNT Green Lantern!

This one is for the Pittsburgh Comic Con April 23rd to 25th coming soon! Two great things that go great together!

The Goods...LITERALLY!

Other than figuring out how much of a bear airport security may be next week, everything seems good to go merchandise-wise for Pittsburgh.

Quite a few people have asked me where I get my odds and ends for the cons, so I figured I'd Post up some linkage here! Hope it's helpful!



Business Card/Post Cards:


Large Format Prints(16x20):

Vertical Stand Banner:
Search: Pull-Up Retractable Banner Stand + Vinyl (ER2-92)
From Seller:

Munny Figure:

- Design:
- Design:

-Photoshop CS3
-Wacom Intuos 3
-Dreamweaver CS3
-IE 7
-Dropbox me improve workflow among more than one location)

For Everything Else:
The fine folks at FedEx Kinko's and Office Depot

And of Course the one thing you can't buy anywhere:
The love, support and friendship of those near and dear to me, and everyone I've met along the way to this point.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Well, I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally finished updating Portcity Underground!
All galleries are updated and ready to go, IF, you use Internet Explorer, otherwise its a no go, as Lightbox has some…issues with them.

In other news the newest batch of Spudmunkey and PCU buttons have arrived from and I must say they look spiffy!

I also created a few more tshirt designs available over at my redbubble account:

(I actully bought a few for Pittsburgh)

-I’ll be in Monroeville, PA for the Pittsburgh Comic Con June 23rd to the 25th,
with Chris Brown and Mark Welser

-and SuperCon in Miami, FL June 18th to the 20th with Jason DeCou! Lemme know who , if anyone, is going!

If I know ya i’d love to see ya, and if I dont yet, Id love to meet ya!


Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm too excited to sleeeeeeep!

So damn, well, I havent updated since before xmas here, Sweet Jeebus!

-Well Megacon was awesome!Pittsburgh ComicCon is next month! has been redesigned from the ground up, check it out! Take a look!

-And I couldn't wait, galleries be damned, I just updated our website Lemme know what you think!
(Old site is still up under

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shifting Gears

What to do, what to say?

Well unless someone has some web design skillz they can recommend, I'm currently working on revamping "What?! Again?! Why?!" Glad you asked ;)

This will be the 5th? 6th revision? Anyways the reason is I'd like to shift gears to a more consistent format and style and I need a site that reflects that change. I'm looking to go a more or format as far as strips go and site layout.

I just need something a lil easier to work with but most importantly, update on a regular basis.

Plus I have Pittsburgh Comicon and MegaCon next year, so I need to get my ass in gear for that, redoing the site usually helps stoke the fires!

We'll see how it turns out!

Happy Holidays!